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World Food Day

World Food Day 2005It’s a beautiful day here in central Missouri. The kind that makes you just thank God for the beauty of His creation!

Today is World Food Day. Not something that many people seem to pay attention to but after having been to the ceremonies and spent a week with the people at the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations I know there are a lot of people there who are truly concerned about relieving world hunger. Unfortunately some of them think the way to do that is to reduce population and they’re determined to make sure that abortion and contraception is pushed on the poor of the world. Very misguided people I’m afraid.

However, hunger is a reality, even here in America, the land of plenty. We have so much we take for granted. I wish everyone could travel to at least one other country and get some “perspective.” As we eat our abundant and wonderful food there are many, many starving. Let’s use today for what I think it really means and thank God for what we have and contemplate how we can help others who don’t.

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