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Good Newspaper Article On Opus Dei

Boy the path to holiness was a tough one this past week. I was working from a hotel room in another state all week and there wasn’t a convenient Mass to attend so I missed several days. That’s like not working out physically to me. Something is missing from the day! I tried to make the fact that I couldn’t attend Mass on those days an offering since it did seem like mortification to just work and not take the time to find a church with a Mass.

I wonder if this happens to other people who travel a lot. Do you find it hard to attend Mass? I usually don’t. This was a slightly unusual situation and one I think I could have planned ahead for a little better.

There’s a pretty good story on Opus Dei in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from yesterday titled “Opus Dei is unique in Catholic world.” The writer interviewed local cooperators and members of the Wespine Study Center.

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