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Pray For Our Families

Pope BenedictYesterday Pope Benedict called on our Blessed Lady to protect families. Now is a great time to pray for all families and as usual, our Pope shows us the way. He spoke to a group of cloistered nuns.

. . . the Holy Father said: “To you I entrust my intentions, the intentions of the pastor of this diocese and the needs of everyone who lives in this land. In this Year for Priests I especially entrust you with clergy, seminarians and vocations. … Offer the Lord the sacrifice of your lives for their sanctification and for the good of souls”.

Benedict XVI went on to invoke “Mary’s maternal protection” on “the Successor of Peter and the Church entrusted to his care. … Queen of peace, obtain the gift of harmony and peace for peoples and for all humankind”, he said.

“Keep our families united, which today suffer threats from all sides, and make them centres of serenity and harmony where patient dialogue dissipates difficulties and contrasts. Watch especially over those that are divided or in crisis”.

The Pope called upon the Virgin to “make the will of those whom the Lord of the harvest calls to be workers in His vineyard firm and decided, so that, resisting all the temptations and pitfalls of the world, they may persevere generously in following the path they have taken and, with your maternal help, be witnesses of Christ, attracted by the brilliance of His Love”.

“Console those who weep, who suffer for human injustice; support those who waver under the burden of fatigue and look to the future without hope; encourage those who work to build a better world in which justice many triumph and fraternity reign, in which egoism, hatred and violence may end. May every form and expression of violence be overcome by the pacifying power of Christ”.

Coverage of Pope Benedict’s Holy Land Visit

There are quite a few places you can find coverage of the Pope Benedict’s visit to the Holy Land. I did not know that he’ll on be the 3rd Pope to make this pilgrimage. Peter was first, then Pope John Paul II and now our current Pope.

Catholic News Service, their blog, their Twitter feed
Florida Catholic

Pray For Our Pope

I hope you’re praying for our Pope on his Africa trip. This man is brilliant and he exudes peace and even a sense of joy, even in the face of so much criticism and animosity. I love his statements on aids and the use of condoms. He stated the truth and the reaction from the elements of society around the world who have no respect for human life has been loud. He hit a nerve and I applaud him for it.

What I think is most amusing is how supposedly impartial journalists are offering the Pope advice in their “reporting.” I guess most mainstream journalists of today have abandoned any attempt at ethics in their reporting. For example, just take the headline to this TimesOnline article, “World Agenda: this gaffe-prone Pope should beware the Middle East.” Oh really? So you’ve judged him and offered him advice all in one headline. There’s even more in the article like “But the Pope needs to become, if not infallible, then at least less fallible on worldly matters.” I really don’t think we need any more of this reporter’s advice.

The article really is amusing. Take this statement, “Alain Juppe, the former French Prime Minister, said: “This Pope is starting to be a real problem.” I take that to mean that Pope Benedict is doing exactly what he should do. We need more leaders like him in the world!

Christ Our Hope Message From Pope Benedict

I hope you’re getting ready for the visit from our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI starting tomorrow. There’s been a lot of speculation about his trip which I think the video Chelsea posted helped clarify.

I see lots of news online about the trip including a story in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram which says that President Bush will be picking the Pope up personally from the airport and escorting him back to the White House. Here’s his explanation for why he’s doing so:

“One, he speaks for millions. Two, he doesn’t come as a politician; he comes as a man of faith,” Bush told the EWTN Global Catholic Network in an interview aired Friday. He added that he wanted to honor Benedict’s conviction that “there’s right and wrong in life, that moral relativism has a danger of undermining the capacity to have more hopeful and free societies.”